Susan Rosenberg, DC Jail, 1990

Susan Rosenberg, DC Jail, 1990

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Susan Rosenberg, photo by Dominic Huber

Current photographs of Susan available from photographer Dominik Huber
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Susan Rosenberg, 2011
Susan Rosenberg, speaking, 2011

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PEN Events

April 30, 2011Susan Rosenberg speaking at PEN World Voices Festival 2011 American Exile: The Prison Industry, a panel at the PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature 2011. Moderator, Jackson Taylor, Director, PEN Prison Writing Program. Participants are Michelle Alexander, John Lonergan, Susan Rosenberg and Shahrnush Parsipur. Watch video»

April 16, 2011
PEN Talks, a weekly reading and conversation series by PEN American Center, hosts Susan Rosenberg reading from and discussing An American Radical: A Political Prisoner in My Own Country. Discussed: Doing time in an experimental federal prison; fighting for basic human rights; community organizing in prison; lack of education opportunities in prison and the high rate of recidivism; writing and reading to keep sane. Hear audio»

April 29, 2009
Prison Deform
CUNY Graduate Center, New York City with Jose Dalisay, Hwang Sok-yong, Khet Mar, and Susan Rosenberg; moderated by Jackson Taylor. A  PEN Prison Writing Program event.
Even for those with a limited sentence, the deforming pressure of incarceration affects the mind, body, and spirit. Here, four writers each with personal experiences of the prison system—some as political detainees—will discuss the influence of that exile on their work. Watch video»

April 26, 2007
Words Under Confinement: Prison Writing as Political Act
With Breyten Breytenbach, Massimo Carlotto, Kathleen Cleaver, Susan Rosenberg; moderated by Drake Stutesman. Co-sponsored by Instituto Cervantes New York, the Consulate General of Spain, and the PEN Prison Writing Program. Part of the 2007 PEN World Voices Festival.
Discussed: the entwining nature of activism and writing; the prisoner's need to romanticize, invent, reinent, and justify their lives; prison as the untranslatable experience; writing in full view of one's enemies; reaching out by writing letters; being ethically and politically responsible to the experience of incarceration. Hear audio»
(PEN website page with more info about panel, photo of panelists (Susan far right), copyright, etc.)